Community Director - Jeremy Karpel - KPG management

916-817-9330 or

Jeremy has been in property management for more than 15 years, and was hired for our community because is smaller company is tailored to give a more personal service that our community demands as well as being capable of the challenges of enforcement in a community of owners as Waterford is.

Jeremy is also a homeowner and resident of Waterford whom has a personal interest in our community standards being maintained. This also brings our management into the community more often then a off site management company.

Current Board Of Directors

President - Shane Gillaspie

Vice President - Eric Madera

Treasurer - Joseph Rondone

Secretary - Chance Lopes

Director at large - Vacant

ARC Committee

President - David Hodge

Secretary - Joseph Rondone

Committee member - Daniel May

Committee member - David Durham

Committee member - Greg Durante